USCSS Nostromo 180924609 
My Computer Panel Replica
Work In Progress
Screen Capture of The Original in 1080p

The Original / Ligntened Up

Last update 10th July 2019
What computers could they have used on the Nostromo Screens ?

Accoring to Wikipedia Alien was filmed over 14 weeks from July 5 to October 21, 1978
Based on this information we are now talking about a colour computer from about mid 1978 most likely older
One machine used was the Information International FR80 located at Atlas labs. This was a very high resolution vector film plotter that would output 35mm film
Here is the user manual and a link to some great info on this unit

Some other info I have found online indicated the use of a ICL 1904S and even possibly a Prime 400 microcomputer

For my recreating I aim to use only hardware that was available at the time ( to be as period correct as I can )

Here is a bad dark pic of the panel sofar ( bad lighting just like at the start of the movie )

I managed to find 3 CRT's ( main colour ) left two mono they fit well in my space
They are not period correct ( still looking ) but they are CRT's

Still collecting lights and switches

I decided to ditch the LCD and install a CRT as it just didn't look correct
Now to find a few small CRT to match
The panel was remade now as a wedge instead of a square to better match the origional

Playing around with some more bits mocking it up etc

Control Box

I know what is is now just need to find one for sale. It is a
Four-Transmitter Remote Control Box C-30A/ARC-5


Trying to find what these bits are.

Centurion Mk 3 Model Tank

Alien Day 2019 @ The Astor Theatre in 4K !!!

Slider Pots

Graphic Equalizer ( Sorry I did feel bad destroying this item )



In the Dark

No Paint

TV Screen ( Sorry not a CRT Yet ! )


Build Began Sunday 31st March 2019

Boot Screen